before be a photographer, I was a traveler who loved to turn and look but then struck by ladakh festival and the photos that I could do during these celebrations I started to follow the festivals and ceremonies around the world. I have focused by some years on Africa, the continent that was able to maintain alive the traditions and the ceremonies, from deserts to forests. I started studying photography and photographers and I started to to buy the testing of various camera bodies and lenses all brand canon, at present working my photo projects with very bright lenses, my favorite lens is the wide angle.

martedì 19 giugno 2012

portrait of a woman of ethnic pehul in Djenne, sahel, mali

portrait of a girl of ethnic pehul in mopti, sahel, mali

portrait of life in the alleys of Djenne, sahel, mali

woman on the path in Dogon Country, sahel, mali

the great mud mosque in the bani in northern Burkina Faso, Sahel